Figure skating king Plushenko switched to football and joined the Russian Amateur League|cash or exchange game-online play game earn paytm cash

Figure skating king Plushenko switched to football and joined the Russian Amateur League

In the 72nd minute, Yang Yilin kicked Jiang Zhe down, and a little conflict broke out between the two sides!

In the 82nd minute, Kosovic made a pass and Dugalic headed the ball and missed it!In the 87th minute, Liu Xinyu was kicked to the vital part and fell to the ground in pain!

In the 89th minute, Yang Yilin made a breakthrough from the left. After making consecutive cuts, he hit the goal directly on the line of the penalty area.At the end of the game, Meizhou Hakka 4-1 Cangzhou Lions!

Recently, according to the famous Spanish financial media "vozpopuli", the Chinese Football Association intends to fight for the right to host the 2030 (Men's Football) World Cup. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, the Chinese Football Association, as the management department of the Chinese football industry, was not aware of the content of the rumor.Spanish financial media "vozpopuli" revealed that "they have obtained information from reliable sources. In order to make the Chinese men's football team out of Asia, the Chinese Football Association is very interested in bidding for the 2030 World Cup." The media also listed the Chinese Football Association's desire to bid 3 so-called reasons. For example, many sponsors of the World Cup come from China; the Chinese Football Association hopes that the Chinese men's football team will enter the World Cup finals, but it is difficult to achieve this wish by conventional means.

However, as of now, no relevant authority or official channel has confirmed the authenticity of the above rumors. When asked by a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily about the content of the rumors, some people from the Chinese Football Association responded invariably - "I have never heard of this." Some insiders of the association also commented, "Now that the Chinese men's football team is doing so well, it is time to bid for the World Cup? "In fact, the bid for the World Cup is at stake. For such major issues, the Chinese Football Association has no decision-making power, and relevant plans may be launched only after the approval of sports management and relevant higher departments. However, as of now, even the Chinese team's next preparation plan has not yet been determined. "Bidding for the World Cup"? At least not yet.

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