Premier League net transfer spending in the past 10 years: Manchester City duo lead Arsenal|live cash game-online play game earn paytm cash

Premier League net transfer spending in the past 10 years: Manchester City duo lead Arsenal

Soon, Ronaldo scored a stunning goal in the game against Sampdoria. He jumped high and scored with a header in the game. This goal also showed Ronaldo's explosive ability to stay in the air and bounce. force.

When talking about how to stay in shape, Ronaldo said: There are no secrets here, and it is not a miracle. If you don't give, you don't put your heart and soul into it, you don't inject passion, you won't be able to win so many honors and championships, and you won't be able to break records.The most important thing is to keep the momentum going so we can maintain the level of competition. I don't need to prove anything to anyone but me and my family. This is my way of life, I have to make sacrifices and dedicate 70% of my life to football. Ronaldo said.

If you want to know more about "Cristiano Ronaldo on Retirement: I will decide to participate in movies in the future according to my physical condition", please continue to pay attention to the science and technology information column, the editor will continue to update you with more scientific and technological information.The white eyes are unreasonably stubborn, and they have become chaotic and stubborn. The ever-changing editor has something new to say. The weather is good today, and it's a good time to read the latest news and relax. Not to hang everyone's appetite, let's find out together. The new policy of the Chinese Super League was released, and the salary cap of newly signed foreign aid was set at 3 million euros. This is a huge disadvantage for Chinese clubs to go to the European transfer market to buy people, and it also greatly affects the choice of whether European players come to China to play football. Petrica, a famous Italian agent, expressed his opinion in an interview with "All Market". He believes that the salary limit for foreign aid is logical.

Petrika is quite active in the Chinese football circle. He once helped Feng Xiaoting to play football in Daegu, South Korea. He is also known as the "Asian market king" in Serie A. He once operated the Japanese star Shunsuke Nakamura to Regina and Yanagizawa Atsushi joined Sang. Pudoria and Iranian star Rezai landed in Serie A, so they are very familiar with the Chinese Super League and Asian football.The annual salary of newly signed foreign aid in the Chinese Super League鈥檚 New Deal is limited to 3 million euros, Petrika said: 鈥淭his change is very big, those clubs that used to pay huge transfer fees to buy big-name stars, such as Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG, Beijing Guoan, Jiangsu Suning, Dalian Yifang, Shanghai Shenhua, etc., there will be adjustments in the future signings, and the Chinese Super League may say goodbye to the big names. The type of foreign aid introduction will also change, and the club will focus more on the alternative markets of the five major leagues. They will stop focusing on big-name foreign players and move to foreign players that are more practical and more in line with the team's plan, which is expected to be the case for the next few years."

Petrika also bluntly said that the addition of big-name foreign players has not made Chinese football much progress: "Only excellent players can play their due role when they are integrated into the system. The Chinese national team has not improved, and the Chinese local The level of players has not improved, young players have not been developed, so it is logical to limit the salary of foreign aid."Regarding the stipulation that club players' salaries cannot exceed 60% of their income in the New Deal, Petricka said: "This will reduce the high annual salaries of many players to a low-to-medium level, and some clubs can no longer afford players' salaries."

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