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Tianjin will become a famous volleyball city by 2030

Yu Tao, deputy head of Changying Hui Township, delivered a speech

Wu Dan, general manager of Beijing Smart Star, said: I am very happy that Weijia can be held at the Nie Weiping Weiqi Dojo Campus of Changying Sports Park. Changying Sports Park is committed to building a national sports complex. It is honored to cooperate sincerely with Nie Weiping Go Dojo. Thank you Mr. Nie for coming to guide the work! It is hoped that the park and Nie Dao will join forces to organize more chess events and contribute to the youth Go cause.At the same time, Nie Dao meticulously organized the "Listen to the chess saints talk about the armor" big hanging plate explanation activity, a total of more than 100 students and parents and friends participated. Mr. Nie enthusiastically encouraged the young students on the scene: Go can improve people's spiritual civilization and IQ, and is a good education for setbacks. Also, you can learn a lot of etiquette through Go. You have now entered the gate of Go. I believe that with your ingenuity, you will definitely become the backbone of the country in the future. Therefore, I hope that the children will cheer, "study hard and make progress every day"! Old Nie came to explain in person, which was a rare opportunity. The students witnessed the demeanor of chess masters and top chess players, and felt the charm of the game of Go.

Nie Lao explained the gameChangying Sports Park is adjacent to Chaoyang North Road in the north, with a total area of 136,000 square meters. It has a beautiful natural environment and complete facilities. There are sports and fitness areas, leisure and recreation areas, and ecological health care areas. It is a good place for the surrounding 100,000 residents to relax, exercise and entertainment. . As a key project for Changying to build the "Sports Changying" and "Cultural Changying" brands, Changying Sports Park has been loved and generally praised by residents as soon as it opened.

Adhering to the concept of "Educate people with chess", Nie Dao has been focusing on Go education for 23 years, and has provided high-quality Go education services for more than 100,000 young people. In addition, Nie Dao independently runs top-level Go league clubs, trains and convenes top players from all walks of life, and has won many awards in Weijia. He has established a complete training system for professional players, which has effectively promoted the professional development of the Chinese Go game. At the same time, it has greatly enhanced Nie Dao's popularity and influence in the field of Go education.In recent years, in order to implement the "National Fitness Program", Changying Sports Park has actively held various sports events to continuously improve the health of residents. Nie Dao also actively responded to the call of "National Fitness", committed to promoting the game of Go, promoting the culture of Go, and helping young people develop physically and mentally. In the future, Nie Dao will continue to optimize Go education services, organize more Go events, and benefit more young people from Go!

On August 26, the WTT World Table Tennis Federation (WTT World Table Tennis Federation) officially announced that it has appointed Mr. Liu Guoliang, the current chairman of the WTT Council, as a new board member. Mr. Liu Guoliang is a well-respected leader in the world table tennis world. He is currently the chairman of the WTT World Table Tennis Federation Council. In order to better participate in the work of the ITTF Group, he will be a member of the WTT board of directors this time. He will use his rich resources. The experience has further helped the WTT World Table Tennis Federation to achieve its mission: to promote the transformation and development of table tennis on a global scale. Mr. Liu Guoliang said: "As Chairman of the WTT World Table Tennis Federation Council, I am committed to bringing the entire table tennis community together to help WTT achieve global success. Now as a board member, I am honored to continue to lead the WTT World Table Tennis Federation, for the Fight for the interests of the sport. For a long time, I have dreamed of making table tennis as strong as the Chinese team on a global scale. I believe in the potential of table tennis and believe that the WTT World Table Tennis Federation is the right way to achieve this goal Carrier." This decision was made after Mr. Liu Guoliang was elected as the ITTF Executive Vice President at the ITTF Annual Congress in Houston, USA on November 24, 2021. In view of the fact that at the Executive Committee meeting held on January 29, 2022, it was clarified that Mr. Liu Guoliang's responsibilities were to be in charge of the ITTF Business and Professional Federation (WTT World Table Tennis Federation), high-level performance, the ITTF Museum, etc. Therefore, the WTT World Table Tennis Federation (WTT World Table Tennis Federation) The Table Tennis Federation decided to appoint him to the board of directors. ITTF President Petra Sorin, who will be regularly invited to WTT board meetings, said: "Mr Liu Guoliang is a legend in our sport, as one of the most successful ITTF member associations - China Table Tennis Federation The chairman of the association has shown excellent leadership. The ITTF Executive Committee has full confidence in him because we know that he will play an important role in the WTT World Table Tennis Federation competition." The former board member replaced by Mr. Liu Guoliang this time is WTT Mr. Matthew Pound, Managing Director of the World Table Tennis Federation, from now on he will focus on day-to-day business operations and activities. Other members of the WTT World Table Tennis Federation Board of Directors - ITTF Executive Vice-President Mr. Karil Al Mohanadi and WTT World Table Tennis Federation Director and ITTF Group CEO Mr. Steve Denton will continue to serve. As a legend of table tennis, Liu Guoliang has won all major championships as a Chinese team player and as the men's team coach. In 2018, he was elected as the chairman of the China Table Tennis Association; in June 2020, he became the chairman of the WTT World Table Tennis Federation; in 2021, he was elected as the executive vice-chairman of the ITTF.According to the official website of the General Administration of Sports, on August 25, the "Notice of the General Office of the General Administration of Sports on the time of the 14th National Winter Games" (Ti Jingzi [2022] No. 131) (referred to as the "Notice") was issued.

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